How do we package our products?

We understand that transit of made to measure products can be a worry for our customers. We often get asked “What happens if it gets damaged during delivery?”, “How do you package your products?”, “Why do you use so much packaging?”.

The last thing we want is a damaged product, an unhappy customer or to delay your projects , so we have set procedures in place for each product type, to ensure that everything is securely and safely packaged for delivery. We even offer a guarantee, if the product doesn’t fit, or it is damaged, we will replace it free of charge.

Straight Poles & Tracks

All our straight poles and tracks are packaged in solid cardboard tubing, and securely fasten at the end with heavy-duty staples to stop the ends coming off and the product from falling out.

Bent Curtain Poles & Tracks

We want to ensure that the track or pole keeps its shape during delivery. For this reason, we place the item in foam tubing and then secure it to a custom-made wooden frame to fit the product – these are hand-built by our team of experienced warehouse technicians. Every care is taken to ensure that they are as secure as possible for delivery. It may seem like we use a lot of packaging, but we know this is the best way to transport our product.

Why not check out our latest video to see how our products are packaged?

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