Silent Gliss 5100 Electric Curtain Track

As interior designers, you understand the importance of precision and control in ensuring that your electric curtains seamlessly to complement your project's design. We often get asked by our trade customers, or perhaps even your clients themselves, how to adjust the limits on the Silent Gliss 5100 electric curtain track.


Fortunately, this process is straightforward and offers hassle-free customisation, allowing you to meet both yours and your clients' exact specifications with ease.


Step 1: Precision Positioning

Begin by positioning the curtains precisely where you want to set the new limit. Whether it's refining the opening or closing position, ensure the curtains are aligned to your desired specifications.

Step 2: Initiating Programming Mode

Locate the programme/learn button on the rear of the handset or switch. Press this button to enter programming mode. The LED on the motor will flash blue three times, indicating that the system is ready for adjustment.

Step 3: Setting the Limit Position

Using the remote control's open or close button, or manually if preferred, adjust the curtain to the desired limit position.

Step 4: Confirming the Adjustment

Once the curtain is set to the new limit position, press the programme/learn button on the rear of the handset or switch for the second time. This action confirms the new limit position to the system.

Step 5: Verifying the Setting

Observe the LED on the motor as you press the programme/learn button for the second time. It should flash blue three times, indicating the successful setting of the new limit position.


You've successfully reset the limits on your Silent Gliss 5100 electric curtain track, 


Should you need to readjust the limits in the future, simply follow these steps again to fine-tune your curtain's performance, or if a customer calls to ask how to do this, you can send them a link to this blog to help them through the process.


For any inquiries or assistance, our dedicated team is always available to support you through our chat function on the website, email, or phone.