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Electric Products


With smart technology at the forefront of the modern home, electric curtains are the perfect addition to the 21st century house or state-of-the-art office.

Electric products

If practicality is your focus, these products are perfect for curtains in hard to reach areas, or for large & heavy curtains. This is because they can be operated by a remote control from anywhere within the room. For further flexibility and ease of use, some electric models come with accessories including timers and light sensors, meaning that curtains will open and close themselves. This is a perfect selling point for your customer, as they are not only easy to use but they also offer added security features to the home, giving the impression that a house is occupied whilst the homeowners are away.

The Silent Gliss Electric Range

Whilst all our electric products bring with them a wealth of benefits, The Silent Gliss range of Electric products is an industry-leader. These products can:

  • Create a luxurious feel in any space.
  • Reduce the impact of glare on electronics & screens.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Help protect artwork, antiques, books or antique furniture from the negative effects of strong sunlight.
  • Protect more delicate fabrics from long-term wear or dirt.
  • Deter burglars or intruders.

Tracks or Poles?

At Bradbury Tracks, our Silent Gliss motorised curtain products come in two contrasting styles, meaning that you can opt for either a pole or a track.

  • Electric curtain poles are the perfect option if your customer is looking to make a real statement. This range is designed to be the prominent feature in a domestic room. It is important to note that whilst these designs are versatile, electric poles are not suitable for bay windows. Take a look at our range of non-motorised poles, or opt for an electric track design instead.

  • Electric curtain tracks in contrast are the ideal solution for bay windows. They can be bent by our team of expert engineers to create the perfect fit with the ultimate in quality engineering.

Quality Engineering

The quality and reliability of curtain poles and tracks can make all the difference to your project. Our wide range of Silent Gliss Electric products are driven by a belt system which is linked directly to a motor. The motor drives a canvas belt inside the track, which in turn moves the curtains – whilst this is a relatively simple system, the nature of its design makes it extremely reliable. In fact, we have such a huge amount of confidence in our electric curtain track and poles systems, that they come with a 5-year guarantee. Trust us – these products are built to last.

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