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Curtain Poles


Modern and custom-made curtain poles are the ideal way for your customer-base to make a real statement with their curtains. Poles, as opposed to tracks, are designed to be significantly more prominent and come in a wide variety of colours and finishes, adding that special finishing touch to a room.

Silent Gliss Metropoles

With a wide range of curtain poles meeting contrasting specifications, you’re bound to find poles that suit. Whether the home décor is minimalist and contemporary or busy and traditional, at Bradbury Tracks we are proud to offer some of the best products available today. From stainless steel rods and poles for eyelet curtains, to models with gliders like the 6120 and 6130 from Silent Gliss, our wide range of high-quality curtain poles are both stylish and affordable, making them the perfect choice for any room.

Made to Measure Curtain Poles

With flexibility and adaptability at the forefront of what we do, at Bradbury Tracks our curtain poles can be supplied in different diameters ranging from 23mm to 50mm.

It is important to note that a customer won’t necessarily need a larger pole for heavier curtains. Choices should be based on how prominent the pole should be within the room and what added value it is bringing to the window’s dressing.

If a room benefits from large, wide windows and tall ceilings (such as a Georgian or Edwardian property), a good choice would be poles that stand out more; for example, a 50mm diameter is perfect for poles which will be fitted 5m from the floor.

If a customer is hanging floor-length curtains and fitting lower down, on the other hand, then a 30mm pole will certainly stand out enough to be seen and will not find itself overpowered by the curtain.

With short net curtains, a 23mm pole would be more suitable and for eyelet curtains, the size of the eyelets will have a direct impact on what diameter would be best. Contact us for more information or advice surrounding our made to measure poles.

Operating Our Curtain Poles

Traditional pole designs are built to use a series of rings to hold the curtains in place, but there are also poles with gliders. In contrast, these designs operate more like curtain tracks and this makes for a far smoother motion, ideal for poles that are larger or heavier. We also have electric models with features including buttons, remote controls and a series of light sensors and timers to control the motion of the curtains. These innovative and dynamic designs are ideal for a modern home with a more contemporary décor.

Poles with gliders, such as the Silent Gliss Metropole, are perfect for carrying heavier curtains. These poles operate smoothly and make it significantly easier to handle bulky fabrics. You can choose between corded models such as the Silent Gliss 6120 and the uncorded model, 6130.

Corded curtain poles, on the other hand, are useful if the user struggles to reach the top of the curtains to open and close them, or for more delicate fabrics that run the risk of becoming damaged by frequent handling. It is also possible to add roller gliders should the curtains themselves be heavy.

Our poles with rings have been specially designed to take heavy curtains and can be bent to suit bay windows. The Bradbury Pole can also be customised and used with eyelet curtains for a more modern feel.

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