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When the finishing touches to your project require a modern style there is nothing more fitting than our contemporary, stylish blinds. They provide a practical and on trend addition to a modern home as well as any office environment.

Roller blinds

On top of this, we believe in quality; so whether you require made to measure blinds to fit a particular frame, contemporary blinds to fit a modern setting, or both in one, our ranges will be more than up for the challenge of putting the finishing touches to any room.

The Perfect Colour & Fabric Solution

Our Slient Gliss Colorama roller blind range is available in 27 unique colours with two fabric options to choose from. Whatever the colour required we have you covered from hazy pastel shades to bold vibrant hues, perfect for providing strong accents allowing you to create dynamic settings.

Our two fabric options are as follows:

  • Colourama 1 : Translucent Voile
    This special fabric, whilst allowing a room to keep its privacy, allows more light to enter over traditional blinds.

  • Colourama 2 : Heavy Voile
    The heavy voile fabric is designed to provide sun protection, thus allows less light through than the translucent voile.

Made to Measure Blinds

Here at Bradbury Tracks, we are renowned for our bespoke curtains and blinds. This is largely because we understand that customisation is the key to ensuring each blind is the perfect fit to its respective frame and environment. Whether this is in terms of style or practicality, we have the variation to suit your job.

To give the perfect fit, our blinds are made to measure but customisation doesn’t stop there. You are able to dictate whether each blind is forward or reversed rolled, you are able to adjust the control chain, defining its length and even which side of the blind it hangs.

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