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Our curtain sets are supplied complete, with all the different parts needed for fitting and operating. For your more customised projects we hold a range of accessories and finishing touches to fit with any chosen design.

Silent Gliss components

Our accessories are inclusive of additional brackets, fixtures or fittings, as well as finials and curtain holdbacks providing the variety needed to finish any design.

Finishing Touches with Finials

Whatever the designs of your projects our wide range of finials will cover you. From contemporary glass finials to more traditional designs, all our Silent Gliss poles have finials to match.

Finials offer a good way to personalise and enhance a design. For example, if your customer has opted for a simpler pole design, finials can instantly have an impact on the overall design, ensuring it matches the style of the home. As the pole accessories range from simple end caps, giving a minimal and clean look, to far more grand geometrical designs, there is the possibility to develop the look and feel of a curtain and pole to finish just about any project in style.

Fixtures and Fittings

Accessories provide curtains a greater practicality making them much easier to use. For poles with gliders consider upgrading the gliders to roller gliders for an even smoother operation or attaching an extension arm, allowing curtains to overlap where needed.

A traditional window design style may require a double curtain track, fixing two curtain poles, one in front of the other.

Additionally, draw rods are a great way to avoid damaging delicate curtains or as an easier method of operating hard to reach curtains.

Bespoke Curtain Accessories

Can’t find what you need? We specialise in creating bespoke products, and can often supply or manufacture items to order.

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