bespoke shower rail crafted from a curtain pole

Did you know that we offer bespoke poles designed for more than just window treatments? Our skilled team recently took on a unique project: crafting a made-to-measure shower curtain pole for a generously sized, oval-shaped freestanding bathtub.


The challenge lay in creating a pole that not only matched the distinctive shape of the bathtub but could also be securely mounted to the ceiling above it. To meet these specific requirements, we opted for our premium Bradbury pole, crafted from stainless steel. This choice ensured the pole's resilience in the humid bathroom environment, preventing rust and corrosion. Moreover, the stainless steel finish seamlessly complemented the modern aesthetics of the room and its stainless steel fixtures.

Our customer, R.B., and their family reside in a beautifully converted agricultural building. Recently, they decided to renovate their children's bathroom, including a bathtub with an integrated shower. They selected an elliptical composite stone bathtub and paired it with a ceiling-mounted rainfall shower. To enclose the freestanding tub, a shower curtain was essential, and they envisioned a pole that would harmonise with the unique shape of the bathtub. Unfortunately, they couldn't find any off-the-shelf poles that matched the precise dimensions or design aesthetics they were seeking.

Drawing from their previous positive experience with us, they decided to explore the possibility of a custom-made pole, carefully bent to perfectly align with the bathtub's rim dimensions.


The Process:

Our dedicated team initiated the project by creating precise dimension estimates based on the drawings provided by the bathtub manufacturers. To ensure utmost accuracy, we received a template, enabling us to gradually curve the pole to precisely match the bathtub's contours.


drawing provided by bath manufacturers

bath tub template

oval curtain pole

Additionally, we collaborated with a local engineer to craft special brackets, ensuring the secure ceiling mounting of the pole while accommodating the curtain's movement.

bespoke shower curtain pole brackets


The Final Result:

The turnaround time for this project was impressively swift, with our team completing the bespoke pole in under seven days. Customer R.B. expressed complete satisfaction with both the project's outcome and the service provided by the team.

"The ordering process was streamlined and efficient. Kris understood our vision and transformed the template into a flawlessly finished pole. The overall design blended seamlessly with the room's aesthetics and felt truly integrated.

"While the cost of the bespoke pole was understandably higher than that of an off-the-shelf alternative, the superior quality, impeccable finish, and perfect fit made it a decision we don't regret."


oval shower curtain in bathroom