Silent Gliss new range of black products in a room setting with large wall window

In the realm of interior design, black has emerged as an undeniable force, capable of making bold and striking statements against white backgrounds and natural materials. Black window frames, bi-fold and sliding door frames, along with the ever-popular Crittall-style glazed windows and doors, have become the darlings of instagram and the interior design world. Recognising this growing trend, Silent Gliss now presents "Silence is Black," a collection that beautifully complements these aesthetics while delivering high-performance, functional products.


Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks in Black

Silent Gliss, renowned for its best-selling hand-drawn curtain tracks, now offers them in an alluring black variant. These tracks come with matching black gliders, end stops, adjustable brakes, and draw rod carriers, presenting a sleek and polished appearance.


Among them, the Silent Gliss 1080 track stands out as a preferred choice for both pencil pleat and pinch pleat curtains. This hand-operated aluminium curtain track caters to medium-weight curtains and is available in seven finishes, making it the perfect fit for your interior vision.


Embrace the Elegance of Wave Curtains

For those seeking to evoke an elegant and sophisticated ambiance, wave curtains provide the answer. The Silent Gliss 6010, 6840, and 6870 systems, well-known for their appeal, now also come in black, accompanied by ceiling clamp brackets for a seamless, flush ceiling fit. To maintain a cohesive look, you can opt for black curtain hooks to accompany your order.


Recess Fitting

Recess fitting curtain tracks into the ceiling adds a touch of hotel chic to any project. To align with your interior design, Silent Gliss now offers black recess profiles that come with matching end masks and wedges to secure the tracks in place.

The following recess systems are available in black:


Hand-drawn tracks: Silent Gliss 6465, 6870, and 6970 (for heavy-duty usage)

Corded tracks: Silent Gliss 3870

Motorised tracks: Silent Gliss 5600


Whilst not all products are on our website at present our team are always on hand to help and can take the order over the phone.


Corded Curtain Tracks in Black

If your curtains are challenging to draw by hand due to their location or delicate fabrics, the corded curtain tracks provide an elegant solution. The Silent Gliss 3840 and 3870 tracks, now available in black, offer corded operation and come with black track components, including overlap arms, cords, enhanced wave options (for wave gliders), brackets, and gliders.


Motorised Curtain Tracks for Ultimate Convenience

For the utmost convenience, opt for motorised curtain tracks that allow curtains to be opened and closed with a simple touch of a switch. Silent Gliss' 5600 motorised curtain track ensures smooth, super silent, and fast operation. Now available in black, it can be wall, ceiling, or recess ceiling fitted. The black track includes the SG 9060 motor, radio module, power cable, and all other track components.


Silent Gliss Metropole with Black Components

For years, the Silent Gliss Metropole portfolio has offered a black finish. Now, when you order a black Metropole, the track components also come in black, perfectly complementing the overall look. You can specify black or white gliders on other coloured tracks in the Metropole range to match your preferences.


Curtains & Fabrics

Layering curtains offers versatility in shading and privacy throughout the day. For a slim alternative to two layered wave curtains, consider pairing a Swiss Pleat voile with a Wave curtain. Double tracks, whether ceiling or wall-fixed, provide the option for layering. Remember to use Smart Fix Universal Extendable brackets for wall fixing to ensure sufficient room for the dual tracks.


Roller Blinds

Silent Gliss presents roller blind systems 4910 (chain-operated) and 4960 (motorised operation) in black headrails, brackets, bracket covers, and bottom bars, while retaining the stainless-steel operating chain. The motorised roller blind system now includes a sleek black motor, providing a refined finish.


Roman Blinds

The Silent Gliss Roman Blind system 2305 now features a black headrail, child safety drive, and lift cord. The stainless-steel operating chain receives a stylish black tint.


Embrace the Silence in Black Launch from Silent Gliss

With the "Silence in Black" launch, Silent Gliss has elevated the design of curtain tracks and roller blinds to new heights. Embrace co-ordination in colour throughout the product range for a truly stylish and sophisticated look. Whether you're undertaking a home project or seeking inspiration, our team of trade specialists are on hand to help answer any questions you might have.