Recess Tracks – The Benefits of Planning & Fitting Tracks During the Build

A recess track is a curtain track that has been designed specifically to be utilised with recess fixing in ceilings. This means that the track fits into a hollowed-out channel that has been cut into the ceiling so that the track is not visible. The track is screwed into this hollow channel using pre-punched holes in the track, leaving the curtain ‘floating’ from the ceiling.

How does a recess track fit?

It is important to plan the fitting of a recess track before your build otherwise you may find yourself stuck in an unfortunate position further down the line. For example, once you have your recess cut to the correct size, you may put your track in and then try to screw it into the ceiling only to find a cavity above with no solid fixing for you to screw your track into.  nm


In order to avoid this from happening, you need to plan what is above the track that can offer support and allow the track to be fitted securely. We recommend fitting wooden laths above the ceiling for the track to screw into; an important part of the planning process of your build.


What size should a recess track be?

A recess track should fit beautifully in the ceiling and be perfectly level with the ceiling. Once the recess is fitted, the lip of the track should be the only visible aspect. We can supply detailed drawings and specifications for the size that the recess is required to be. The size of your recess track is an important requirement that must be planned during your build.


How important are lighting considerations?

Another necessary consideration is to plan where in each particular room the recess tracks will be fitted. As you do not want the curtains and the lighting to interfere with one another, you should plan how the curtains will hang in relation to the ceiling recessed lighting and mark out the layout for both in each room.


Modern living recess tracks

Fitting recess tracks has a number of benefits for modern living, with their touch of simplicity and elegance. As the tracks are not visible and remove the need for a curtain pole to hang your curtains, the impression that your curtains are ‘floating’ from the ceiling perfectly suits modern décor. Not only are recess tracks functional, minimal and concealed, but they also maximise the light entering the room when the curtains are drawn and bring the outside, inside.


Over time, interior trends and styles trends. With this in mind, it’s important to note that curtain pole trends go in and out of fashion, with one day wooden poles being more popular, and the next metal poles. Recess tracks provide a modern alternative to this; they are not just for today they are for life meaning you’ll no longer have to continuously chase the latest interior trend when it comes to your curtain poles.


Are recess tracks made to measure?

Our recess tracks are made to measure in our factory using advanced software and technology. Our unique, award-winning bending tool is used by our engineers so that we can bend the track to even the tightest radius and angles to ensure the perfect fit in your home. We can also supply diagrams to show you the size and shape the track will be when completed.


For further advice on recess tracks and recommendations on planning and fitting these tracks, contact our team on 01494 459571. Our experts will be happy to help.