We have welcomed Ben James to the team this month. Ben has joined the team down in the warehouse and will be learning the ropes over the next couple of weeks. We caught up with him for a quick-fire interview to find out a bit more about him:


Tell us about your role?

I am currently learning how to pack all products to ensure minimal damages Ben Jamesduring transit, and look forward to progressing into assembly


Tea or Coffee (and how do you take it?)

I very rarely drink tea or coffee, I would much rather prefer a nice cold drink!


Before joining Bradbury tracks, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I used to work for an IT asset disposal company and would regularly visit large media companies


So, you have been with us for 4 weeks, what are the 3 words that describe Bradbury Tracks?

Vibrant, enthusiastic and lean!


What is your biggest motivator?

My biggest motivation would have to be progression, whether that be in my personal life with fitness goals or progressing to the next step in my career.


If given a chance to be anyone for a day, who would it be?

Since I was a child, I always wanted to play football alongside the class of ‘92. They have sadly all retired now but would still love to have a kick around with any of them!


What’s your hidden talent/ superpower?

I am a keen kayaker. I have taken part in the Solent swim challenge with the Ian Pratt MND Foundation twice now, supporting a swimmer from the Isle of Wight to Southampton. I may have even saved a stranded Sheep from a riverbank whilst training for the Solent challenge!


What’s the one thing the team at Bradbury needs to know about you?

I love to be set a challenge, regardless of the situation. It could be taking in a big set of jumps on my mountain bike, catching the biggest fish whilst with friends or even a tight deadline at work. Challenges bring out the best in me.