Bending Curtain Tracks for bay windows – How we eliminate the risk

“what happens if I measure incorrectly” is the 1st question people ask us when measuring bay windows for made to measure curtain tracks or poles. 

“We will re-make it free of charge” is our very unique response.

“Even if it is my mistake?”

“yes, even if you were to measure it wrong”

Measuring bay window curtain tracks is not easy, it requires a lot of product knowledge, concentration and precision.   No wonder customers are afraid of doing it and even professionals make mistakes.  If only there was a way of ensuring measurements are correct before manufacturing?  There is and we do.



We offer all our customers an App that can check measurements and ensure the measurements they have taken are correct.  If you prefer, we will take the measurements in any form you want to provide them, and we can check them on the software.  However you want to provide the measurements we will take responsibility to check and ok them before production, guaranteeing that the product will be produced correctly and fit perfectly.

The software we use also integrates with the bending machines we use, eliminating human error and guaranteeing a perfectly made track or pole for your customers bay window.

We are continually innovating and developing our systems to eliminate the stress of our customers.  We listen to the problems, stress points and what bugs them to eliminate them and provide peace of mind.  That is why we have one two innovation awards for our processes.